development consutation
As you consider buying, selling, developing, or re-developing a property Crescent can equip you with the tools you will need to make decisions.   We will work with you to manage risk by offering you financial analysis and other services that are unparalleled.

Cash Flow Analysis/ Financial Modeling: Crescent performs a Cash Flow Analysis model of each client’s proposed properties. This Analysis is a useful tool for evaluating projected net cash flow in comparison to the anticipated debt service arising from this investment.

Due Diligence: Crescent aides its clients, whether buyer or seller, in the comprehensive process of determining what is pertinent and integral to consider, inspect and investigate relating to real property.  The diligence covers such as: Evnvironmental factors, local code guidelines, title issues, financing issues, zoning, and other information gathering.

Education: Crescent works with its clients in a fashion that promotes an open flow of information creating mutual party understanding.

Securing Financing: Crescent can assist its clients by providing finance contacts through its broad network of lenders.

Zone Assistance: Crescent provides professional assistance to the client to expedite and secure the removal of contingencies and other impediments pertaining to the proposed purchase or sale of real property.