Buyer Side Brokerage

Owning Commercial Real Estate can be a great way to diversify your portfolio, take advantage of tax benefits and build wealth. The financial benefits of owning include tax savings, potential appreciation, and additional rental income. However, buying Commercial Real Estate can be a risky endeavor if you don’t have the proper information needed to make accurate and informed buying decisions.

Crescent Commercial will provide you with the market knowledge and experience across all property types in order to find the best solutions. Our team will work with you to assess your Commercial Real Estate needs and guide you through the entire process of identifying and acquiring the right property.

Crescent Commercial Provides:

  • Complete analysis of the subject property
  • Investment analysis taking into account a broad spectrum of factors
  • Current market conditions and comparable sales report
  • Exit strategy and disposition scenarios

River Chase

“Hart Construction has had the privilege of working alongside several brokers as lease construction terms are negotiated and tenant finish out work evolves. We have been thoroughly impressed with the way Crescent Commercial deals with all parties during the course of the transaction. Each one of their members works hard to keep everyone in the loop and Crescent’s firm has earned our respect by demonstrating excellent communication and willingness to jump into the project full force until everyone is satisfied.”

    -Adam Hart
    Hart Construction, LLC

Seller Side Brokerage

We offer our clients a depth of experience, unique perspective, and a track record of success in the marketing and disposition of Commercial Real Estate. Upon hiring us to market your property, we will immediately execute a comprehensive marketing program which includes phone calls to prospective buyers in the marketplace, broadcast emails to other Commercial Real Estate Brokers, full-color property flyers, digital marketing, and more. We will also provide you with regular follow-up reports on our efforts to get your property sold.

Engaging us as your Commercial Property Representative assures our commitment to finding and providing the highest and best use for your property and thereby giving you the highest possible sales price. Our unique proactive approach coupled with our teamwork philosophy gives us an advantage in the marketplace and has produced outstanding results for our clients.


“As the manager of OGRE Fund 1 (Oil & Gas Real Estate Fund 1) our investment goals for the Fayetteville Shale Natural Gas Play have exceeded our expectations due to Crescent’s geographical knowledge, aggressive marketing, and cooperative team atmosphere.”

    -Mike Walker
    Oil & Gas Real Estate Fund 1, Manager

Tenant Representation

Whether you’re a local, regional, or national company we have a tenant representation service that can meet your needs. We also assist new start-up companies and find this to be an exciting part of the tenant representation process as we build relationships that create opportunities for future growth. We are both tenants and developers ourselves, so we understand both sides and can effectively help you negotiate a lease, analyze your current or prospective market, compare and review request for proposals on various properties and help you feel confident in your decision to open a new location or move an existing one.