By blending our team’s unique skills and expertise, Crescent Commercial’s Build to Suit services cover every facet of project development. This ability for full-service allows us to handle projects in their entirety, maximizing your business’s speed to market, cost efficiency, project quality, and overall project efficiency. Additionally, our Build to Suit services allow you to focus on what matters most to you; building and growing a thriving business.

Crescent Commercial Build to Suit Services

  • Land acquisition & conceptual and final design coordination
  • Assistance with financing procurement
  • Owner-contractor advisement or contractor selection advisement
  • Project feasibility analysis and cost projections
  • Local or state municipality project approval assistance
  • Tenant improvement package and specifics coordination/ordering
  • Property management or preparation for property’s management and ongoing operations
  • Draw approval financing and project payables analysis


Location Provider & Project Owner

For the business owner or company whose sole need is a location for their business, not the real estate itself, Crescent will assume project ownership and development. We excel in this capacity because we’ve experienced both sides – as project or tenant owner and investor as well as being the business owner or tenant – we understand the process, enabling us to deliver the highest level of service. This same experience has formed the way we do business and is the reason we sit on the same side of the table as our Built to Suit customers. Instead of a traditional client relationship, we structure projects so that Crescent Commercial is an extension of your team, allowing interests, missions, experiences, and cultures to align. We can confidently say that care, service, and execution reach new heights when all of these are in alignment.

Storage Space

“South Wind Partner’s development projects have experienced strong growth in the commercial retail/office arena thanks to the Crescent Team. The team at Crescent work well together and their teams does an excellent job sourcing value add/investment opportunities. From a leasing standpoint they are very PROACTIVE group which we feel is a must in the leasing world. We could not be more satisfied with their work on our projects.”

    -Mark Watson
    Southwind Partners, LLC

Construction & Development Advisors

Crescent may serve as more of a construction advisory council for those in possession of real estate with a desire for development. Our extensive development experience ensures precision on things like cost control and project efficiency while maintaining a high level of quality.

Our Competitive Advantage

At the root of Crescent Commercial’s Build to Suit service lies our passion for projects and the challenges they present. We love to create “place” and culture, and we love serving others and wowing those we work with even more. If you are interested in teaming with Crescent Commercial for Build to Suit services, contact us here (insert mailto: link or application).

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